Self-Publishing You Can Afford

We at Oakleaf Design & Print aim to make self-publishing easy and within everyone's means. Based in Scotland, we have over fifteen years of running a home printing business.

Whatever you want to put into book form - your memoirs, your poetry, short stories, local guides, your thoughts on life and the universe - we will do our best to turn it into something that is a pleasure to look at, to hold and to read.

The Oakleaf ethos is that your creative efforts deserve the best presentation.


If required, we can print straight from a PDF/Word file with no alterations. However, we can also typeset, layout and fully design every aspect of your publication.


We aim to keep costs low. On the pricing page, you will find some example costings; please contact us for a full quotation.

Web Design

We also design websites. As with the rest of our operation, we try to keep prices low and quality high. Please go to this page for more details.


We are designers and printers only. Getting an ISSN/ISBN number, distributing and selling your publication will be down to you.

Payment: Once we have all your text etc, we will produce a proof and forward it to you, together with an order form and price. If any corrections need to be made, return the proof with the changes marked. You only pay us when you are satisfied with the proof; all the initial setting-up work is free and there is no obligation to pay anything until then. Return the final proof with the payment and order form and we will start printing.


We are always happy to have a friendly chat about your project at any time; we'll listen to what you wish to achieve and we will give our best advice. You won't be subjected to a sales pitch, and any advice will be free.